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Jigonsahseh Meets the Press

Jigonsahseh, 14th century Clanmother Visits a 21st century press conference.
Hear her answer tough questions about women, war, how to establish peace and sustain the future generations.

Jigonsahseh assisted in the forming of the Iroquois Confederacy which united six separate nations in peace.She is a woman of experience to ask contemporary questions!

Iyawata portraying Jigonsahseh

What other’s have to say:

An awesome educational experience
- Ed P. Providence RI

Fastinating! This is informative for all ages!
- Mary S. Quincy

Saluting the Women of Chiapas

delegation of women from the US and the
Mayan women of Oventic, Chiapas

In 1998, living in poverty, the indigenous Mayan women of Chiapas, Mexico, created Women’s Law, ten declarations of women’s rights which call for the elimination of all violence in their lives.

Women have the right to
live without violence

In this multi-media DVD presentation supplemented with Iyawata’s personal experiences, you will hear the story of a dramatic change that began in the hearts of a few women; then, developed into a community movement that called for courage in complete renegotiation of their roles in family, with their spouses, and ultimately with all the institutions that impacted their lives.

In less than ten years, they achieved significant breakthroughs creating not only the family lifestyle they desired but communities and schools of their philosophy.

This is a one-hour program of DVD presentation, personal reflections,
in discussion format.

What other’s have to say:

A must see for any women’s group!
- Lillian G. Cambridge

Inspiring. Moving!
- Judy L. Framingham

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