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Victoria Woodhull was the first woman from New York to run for President of the United States in 1872 against Ulysses T Grant. She ran representing the Equal Rights Party.

She and her sister, Tennessee Claflin, founded and operated a newspaper called the Woodhull-Claflin Times and with the help of Cornelius Vanderbilt opened the first Wall Street brokerage firm operated by women.

Victoria was a member of the Free Love movement which opposed legal or religious interference in personal partnerships.

What audiences are saying about this play:

"I hope everyone comes to see it-especially women who seek Independence and freedom in their life" 

Emma Lee, Author and 
Mandarin language instructor

"Hibiscus and Iyawata truly bring these 19th century women to life. A must see performance!" 

Phyllis Payne, Librarian Boston University

"Incredible entertainment, laughing and learning all the way!" 

Tom S, Engineer

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Orations by 
Victoria Woodhull,

One hour presentations of your choice performed by Iyawata Schneider

  • "My Campaign Platform"
  • "Women's Suffrage is already Legal"
  • "True Love Cures Social Ills"

The Bewitching Brokers, Act 1

Written and performed by 
Iyawata Schneider and Hibiscus Rose.

Victoria and her sister Tennessee have just opened their brokerage firm. Some of their unusual family members decide to visit!

A famous man proposes marriage. How will this affect their work on women's rights and their financial stability?

The Bewitching Brokers Act 2

Victoria's Presidential campaign ended badly. The newspaper shut down after an expose of a prominent minister, leaving the two sisters in a long court battle. Now they are broke and struggling to survive again.

A surprise visitor changes everything. Soon they will be taking a trip across the ocean.

The Bewitching Brokers Act 1 is 45 minutes and Act 2 is 50 minutes. The play is available in one act or two act forms for special events and theater audience.

Helena Blavatsky

"There is no religion higher than the Truth." Blavatsky. A Secret Doctrine

Helena P Blavatsky, a Russian born naturalized U.S. citizen, founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. The Theosophical Society, still in existence today, seeks to unite theology and science. Blavatsky was considered the greatest esoteric and seer of her time.

Iyawata has created fictionalized dramas which utilize her historical research and study of Blavatsky's writings and ideas.

Blavatsky's Esoteric Adventures, a dramatic trilogy of three plays written by Iyawata feature Blavatsky, Eliza the spiritual aspirant, and other characters who explore and confront the facets of the topic: a UFO report, esoteric musical tones and telepathic communication.

Each play is approximately forty-five minutes in length.

Book Blavatsky's Esoteric Adventures for 2008!!!

The UFO Encounter features Blavatsky, Eliza, and Sgt. Adams police detective.

The Lost Sounds features Blavatsky, Eliza, a scientist and CIA agent.

Telepathic Voices features Blavatsky, Eliza, a spiritual guide, and a government agent.

What people are saying about The UFO Encounter:


Juliana M. Ashland, MA

"Thought Provoking! Well-acted, historical drama." 

Mark P. UFO Investigator

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